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Is it time for a website to archive NGO abuses in Cambodia?

Written By: admin - Jun• 30•11

The most controversial and commentaried post we’ve ever published at WoWasis is NGO Pedophilia controversy heats up in Cambodia. Everyone has a strong opinion on the subject of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and how they’re dealing with the issue of pedophilia in Cambodia. Several respondents mentioned they had archival documents that pointed to NGOs as having been involved with the arrests and convictions of people that were innocent of the charges, and claims have been made that unnamed public officials in that country were in on the scam. One respondent mentioned that he was a victim himself. 

In addition, respondents derided NGOs for encouraging Cambodian visitors to photograph male tourists in the company of Cambodian women and children, to presumably send those photos and videos to the NGO. Our feeling is that sending Western tourists as “Junior G-Men” to photograph Every Single White Guy visiting Cambodia is neither right nor is it good for the Cambodian tourist industry. 

We elected not to post most of the comments, as we’re neither judge nor jury. But we do have an idea. With all the finger-pointing and accusations, we think there would be a great deal of value in having a website that would document these issues and serve as an archive for supporting documentation., which specializes in travel to Asia, is not the site for this, but we would like to encourage readers who have strong opinions on the subject to create one themselves. We hope all of our readers want children to be as protected a we do, and we also hope our readers also share the belief that people should not be unjustly accused of crimes they did not commit. We think, therefore that it’s time for an archival site to begin collecting hard data — rather than opinions — on what’s really happening in this area of concern.

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  1. The New York Times and Newsweek are now reporting on this issue. As reported in the May 29, 2014 issue of the Times, world renowned activist Somaly Mam, founder of the organization that bears her name, “has resigned from the foundation she started after being confronted with allegations that she and others connected to her group fabricated stories about their experiences as young victims of the sex trade.” The tale is a sordid one, and can be read at

  2. expat says:

    A similar story appeared under Casey Nelson’s blog in Dec.2011.

    It shows that this wasn’t an isolated case. The hype against western men is alive and well, thanks to the media.

    More details are found also under

    It always amazes me how cowardly most men react when they are confronted with hate and abuse by Tourists and NGO’s alike. Their logic is, if you (the westerner) are in Cambodia and not work for the World Bank, UN or an NGO you must surely be a child abuser and Sex Predator. Thanks to the media, now everyone in the western world believes that this is really the case. Several decades of brainwashing have had their effect.

  3. brent says:

    while in P.P i saw an older white guy with a young cambodian girl. a couple of guys in a bar said something, i didnt hear,but the guy busted the guy big time. the one thing that did stand out, was the little girl said daddy why did you hit that man.ooops

  4. Carl Banson says:

    The danger to become entraped in Cambodia are real. Unfortunatly most people (visitors and residents alike) are unaware of how some NGO’s are using them for their own good. Here is a link to that offers some information how you can be useful for them.

    And yes, i do it is absolutely necessary to have a website on this subject.

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