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Philippine bar economics: How much does an Angeles bar girl make?

Written By: herbrunbridge - May• 03•10

In general Angeles girls are paid in 3 ways: salaries, barfines, and lady drinks. While each bar could be slightly different, here are some basics: 

Taking a lady out of the bar for companionship for 1,300-1,500 pesos (roughly $30 USD) for a short-time tour, paid directly to the club. Of this amount, approximately half goes to the girl, so additional tips paid directly to the entertainment provider are appreciated, and commonly are the100 to 200 peso range, or might include a meal. 

Lady drinks are 150 pesos, and the lady gets 50 pesos of that. For salaries, dancers get 160-190 pesos per day, waitresses 120. 

So let’s say a lady has a decent day of one bar fine, 6 lady drinks, plus her salary. That would amount to 1,100 pesos, or $24.66 USD. Let’s say she works 25 days a month. At a full run rate, that would be $493 USD per month. There aren’t that many ladies averaging one barfine a day, so it would be a pretty good guess that all girls make somewhere between $200 to $500 USD per month. And that’s why even small tips are always appreciated.

Girls are paid for their bar drinks at the end of every shift, and salaries and barfine fees are paid once a week.

In terms of expenses, each girl pays a yearly license fee of 1,000 pesos. She gets a pap smear once per week, regulated by the government through the club, which costs her 70 pesos per week.

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  1. Blade says:

    I’m a seasonal semi-retired resident of Subic Bay. I spend 2 months during the rainy season off of Barrio Barretto. I have a really nice house in a nice neighborhood. Since it’s rainy season there’s not a whole lot to do where I live. So I bar hop a lot. I’ve asked many of the girls working in the bars on what they earn during the off season and during peak season. During rainy season if they make P10,000 per month they’re happy. It’s a real rough time for them to make money. Most of them live very far from the bars and travel allowances usually eats up what they make in a day when they have no dates. Averaging one date a week if lucky. And if they are attractive. The prettier girls usually get more attention. So a less attractive girl makes considerable less. A pretty girl with a nice body can make up to P35,000 pesos in a month during peak season. Usually November through March. I was with the most attractive girl in one particular bar and she told me if she has 3-4 dates a week and gets several ladies drink a day working 7 days a week during peak season she can hit P35K. She told me she has never reached 40K in a month. The time was this past June & July 2019. Bar fines/early work release has been steadily going up each year. One bar in 2016=P1500, 2017=P1700, 2018=2000, 2019=2000 plus 2 LDs at P180 ea for a total of P2360 even if she doesn’t get to drink her drink. That’s minimum price to leave the bar. Current exchange rates have been averaging P50-P51 pesos for over a year steady in the PI. Just current information for those who are curious?

  2. Mike UK says:

    2017 Update from a resident of Angeles City.
    the Fields bars are charging 3,000 peso still, and it’s been the same for several years.

    The Ice Bar on the Perimeter road only recently increased the price from 1500 to 1800. The girls usually get their commission later the same day, or next day

  3. The prices have gone up dramatically bar fines are now between 2500-4000 pesos on fields avenue. Perimeter remains at 1500-2000 pesos across the board. Drinks are up but not significantly.
    Check out the website for more info.

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