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WoWasis travel clothing review: EcoSox hiking socks

Written By: herbrunbridge - May• 31•11

Here at WoWasis, we’ve burned through many a pair of hiking socks. We’re not easy, either. We’re active in burning deserts, teeming jungles, and rubble-strewn urban streets and roadsides. Our socks have to be tough, have to wick away moisture, and provide a good deal of cushioning to avoid blistering. And they have to be affordable. 

We’ve been testing the Medium Hiker sock from a U.S.-based company called EcoSox, and we’re happy with the results. This sock is made primarily from viscose derived from bamboo (80%), along with Polyester (10%), Nylon (5%), Spandex (3%), and rubber (2%). These socks are tough, with a reinforced heel. They are, as their advertising suggests, cool in summer, warm in winter. 

It’s not uncommon for us to have to wear a pair over a 3-4 days period, and we’ve found that with the use of foot powder, they can go four days easily before they start to smell grungy. They air-dry quickly, and hold up well: we’ve used one pair more or less continuously for 5 months with repeated machine washings, and the synthetics keep these socks in good shape, still holding on the ankle, free of holes and other wear, and sturdy. 

Now for price. We originally saw EcoSox in a hiking store where they retailed for $15 USD, far too much to pay. You can buy them directly from the EcoSox online store for $6.00 USD, well worth it. In our road-test, these socks held up extraordinarily well in  arduous conditions, highly recommended at the $6 price point.

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