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In Bangkok’s electric showers, death is quicker than the electric chair!

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jan• 25•11

Ready for a "hot" shower?

Earlier this year, WoWasis reported on a deadly shower stall in the Philippines, but one we recently encountered in Bangkok certainly competes!  This Thai shower features an electric heating unit with the insulating cover removed from the control box, leaving all the wires and electrical stuff exposed to water and humans. There’s even a Buddhist garland hanging from the device, to help usher the user to the next world. According to what we’ve read, the electric chair was given the boot by correctional authorities because it took too long to kill people. With a wet floor as a fabulous ground and no cover on the water temp controls, our bet is that electric showers like the one shown in this photo might soon be the impatient executioner’s preference.

All the "juice" you'll ever need, at no additional cost to the taxpayer

This shower was found in a Bangkok go-go bar, giving a whole new meaning to the sobriquet “an electric performer.” And who said go-go dancing wasn’t a dangerous profession?

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