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Ban Phiphithaphan, Bangkok’s exceptional hidden retro Museum

Written By: herbrunbridge - Apr• 26•10

Bangkok's best (and only) Retro museum

For those willing to spend 200 baht taxi fare and travel a few kilometers west of the Pin Klao bridge, one of Bangkok’s more fascinating museums awaits.  Founders Anake and Wanna Nawigamune have here compiled a lifetime’s worth of everyday objects found —until the last decade or so —  in homes, barbershops, candy stores, and various other establishments.  Not old enough to be considered antiques, they are now gone, forgotten items that will have perceived value in 50 years, but throwaway items today. 

This non-profit museum, open only on weekends and staffed by 12 volunteer, is a neighborhood gem.  Displays are set up in recreated shops, filled with old objects, including cans, signs, furniture, and appliances.  In the barbershop, you’ll see old barbering tools, chairs, and tonics.  The schoolroom comes complete with a switch used on the hands of those perceived to be idle at study.  The old toy store is chock full of ancient toys that used to be ubiquitous, and have now vanished.  

Here, you can actually touch and hold many of the objects, as the museum is fundamentally interactive.  You’ll also get to meet Wanna, who during the week is deputy head of the Literature Department at Kasetsart University, and her husband Asake, who has authored numerous books on Thai art, culture, and history.

Ban Phiphithaphan (House of Museums)
Soi Khlong Pho 2, Sala Thammasop
(take Boromrat Chonnanee elevated highway to Phutthamonthon Road)
Tel: 01-257-4508
Open: Saturday and Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm

GPS: N13°47.841’  E100°23.499’

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