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Art Galleries in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jun• 09•10

Artist Narong Daun

The art scene is just taking off in Kuching, and there are several galleries of note.  We expect the gallery scene to grow, so do keep an eye on the art scene here. Here are our favorites: 

Atelier Gallery
104 Main Bazaar Street
Tel: 082-243-492
GPS N01°33.448’ E 110°20.915’
Here, contemporary Malaysian art and design are melded, in a nicely-designed store appealing to interior décor fans.  There is a gallery of contemporary art upstairs. 

Artrageously Ramsay Ong – The Art Gallery
94 Main Bazaar Street
Tel: 082-424-346
Contemporary art from Malaysia is exhibited here in a wonderful space, featuring the paintings of Ramsay Ong, Narong Daun (our favorite), and others.
Located a few meters west of GPS N01°33.448’ E 110°20.915’

Wesberly House
Lot 2812, Block 195, Rubber Road West
Tel: 082-429-361
GPS  N01°33.090’ E110°19.816’
Melton Kais is a fine local painter who sells his own art, as well as paintings by others.  He and Irene Lim have set up a fine gallery on the ground floor of Westberly House, and offer painting classes as well, with an option of home-stay on premises.  To get here, take a taxi from city center for about RM10. 

Sarakraf Pavilion
Lot 78, Section 43, Jalan Tabuan
Tel: 082-258-771
GPS N01°32.590’ E110°21.256’
Sarakraf is one of the great experiences in Kuching, offering classes in crafts, dancing, and cooking.  There is a small gallery here as well, featuring the paintings and ceramics work of Gerald Goh, among others.

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  1. Yeo See Hua says:

    Great work, Sarawakians.

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