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Phnom Penh’s exciting night scene

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jun• 04•10

New clubs are continually opening in Phnom Penh

Whether you’re looking for a cool drink at sunset along the waterfront, a hot dance venue, or activities of a wilder nature, Phnom Penh 

offers loads of fun options, in a city in which all venues are fairly close, allowing you to hop around within a relatively small area. 

Phnom Penh’s extraordinary adult nightlife scene is in a class by itself, featuring venues that both men and couples will find fun and interesting, with friendly staff and engaging hostesses. If you’re not into the adult scene, Phnom Penh has lots of other terrific options. 

For an evening drink along the river, pick any one of many venues.  A favorite among many is the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, with its nice views of the riverside, at GPS Coordinates: N11 degrees, 34.019′,  E104 degrees, 55.904′ 

Just off Sisowath Quai on the river is the charming Street 136, with quaint outdoor bars and hostess spots, including the One3Six Bar.  This one block of nightspots begins at the corner of Sisowath and 136, at GPS Coordinates: N11 degrees, 34.295′,  E104 degrees, 55.772′ 

For dancers and partiers, the Heart of Darkness bar is a legendary disco spot with international DJs in an edgy environment.  The address is 26, Street 51, just north of Street 172, at GPS Coordinates: N11 degrees, 33.985′,  E104 degrees, 55.410′

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