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Nightlife in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Written By: herbrunbridge - Jun• 04•10

Victory Hill, Sihanoukville

Whether you’re looking for a cool drink under the stars at the beach, disco dancing, or activities of a wilder nature,  Sihanoukville (Cambodian name Kampong Som) offers has plenty of options, and it’s all, surprisingly, even less expensive than Phnom Penh, making this seaside city one of the best values in Southeast Asia. 

Drinks/Dancing night spots 

Along the beaches, there are loads of spots to relax and drink under the stars.  One of our favorites is: 

This establishment has a restaurant, and also offers diving trips and tours. Serendipity Beach
ph: +855-034-933-776  GPS N10 degrees, 36.377′,  E103 degrees, 37.236′ 

Adult venues

For dancers and partiers, Daddy’s Ocean Club, located on the second floor of Oceans Hotel has a spanking new sound system, friendly hostesses, and is a great place for couples and singles looking for a great time out. Update: Daddy’s is closed, but may eventually reopen under a new name. Worth a walkby.  Off Ekareach Street GPS Coordinates: N10 degrees, 37.399′,  E103 degrees, 31.380′ 

There are several areas in town noted for hostess bars.  Among the best-known, and friendliest, are:

Biba Discotheque
Located in the midst of an area known by locals as “the ranch,” Biba caters mostly to men, with tons of small hostess bars running for several hundred meters on either side.  To get there, take the road to the port, then the dirt road heading away from the port at GPS Coordinates: N10 degrees, 38.698′,  E103 degrees, 30.775′  Bars begin a few meters up this road. 

Blue Mountain
Off Ekareach street in the down town area, Blue Mountain consists of bars and motel-like rooms in an environment decidedly male-oriented.  To get here, take the dirt road located at GPS Coordinates: N10 degrees, 37.500′,  E103 degrees, 31.380′ and proceed up the hill.

Golden Lion Plaza
This open air complex has six working hostess bars, with several more being built.  To get here, turn left down Kanda street from the Golden Lions roundabout, and is found at GPS Coordinates: N10 degrees, 36.522′,  E103 degrees, 31.541′ 

Victory Hill
Here you’ll find a street full of hostess bars, a couple of good restaurants, and some guest houses as well.  Among the adult venues of Sihanoukville, this may be the most comfortable for Western women. To get here, turn left off Ekareach Street at GPS Coordinates: N10 degrees, 37.932′,  E103 degrees, 30.309′  and the bars begin.

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