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Bombs fly on Silom as Bangkok Skytrain station becomes target for terror

Written By: herbrunbridge - Apr• 22•10

Multicolored protestors at Bangkok's Sala Daeng skytrain station a few hours before the grenades hit

M79 rocket grenades exploded in and near the Sala Daeng skytrain station last night, killing 3 and injuring dozens. The target was the “multicolored” group of protestors demonstrating against the red-shirted United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship’s (UDD) group at Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong intersection. UDD leaders have denied the attacks originated from their ranks, although it is believed that the grenades were launched from Lumpini Park, where many of the red-shirts have assembled.

Police have reportedly arrested some suspects, but it is increasingly suspected that a number of security agencies have been compromised by red-shirt members in their ranks, who may be surreptitiously feeding intelligence to sources within the red-shirt movement.

The red-shirts have been active in other parts of the country as well, engaged in stopping a Thai army train in Khon Kaen on its way to southern Thailand. The red-shirts allowed the train to proceed only after becoming convinced that the train was not headed to Bangkok for the purpose of troop and materiel reinforcements. The red-shirts reportedly are traveling on the train, allegedly to ensure that the train is not routed to Bangkok.,

For now, it’s clearly a situation of “watch and wait” in Thailand, especially at Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong intersection, as all factions, police, military, red-shirts and multicoloreds,  ponder their next moves.

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  1. dsames says:

    Keep posting as well as reminiscent of this i really akin to it.

  2. KJY says:

    Right, Friday night here, and BTS skytrain and MRT subway have been closed since 6pm, effectively shutting down all mass transit in this city of 13 million. Tonight (and tomorrow) should be interesting.

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