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Top 3 Things to see in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

It’s doubtful that you’ll come to the Isaan city of Ubon intentionally, unless you have relatives here, or you’ll be traveling to Laos through the Chong Mek border station, as I was.  If you do happen to be here, you’ll find a pleasant, clean city with several interesting places worth stopping to see. How did […]

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Morlam music: an Isaan pastiche of city and country

Morlam music, an infectious, riotous urban music originally from the Isaan northeast, is one of the predominant Thai musical genres you’ll find in Bangkok today. With its raging organ ostinados, high-flying guitar riffs, and rap-like vocal phrasing, morlam can be heard in street stalls, Thai bars, and taxi radios and VCD (video CD) players. A […]

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